Multipurpose Academic & Administrative Bldg. (MPAA)

UCI Law occupies space on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th floor of the MPPA building. The building is adjacent to the Social Science Parking Structure. The building houses the academic skills program, clinics, faculty offices, externships office, pro bono office, career development, and admissions and financial services. It also includes classroom and meeting spaces.

Multipurpose Academic and Administrative Building Irvine, CA 92697

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On Campus


Upcoming Events

SBA Meeting

SBA weekly meeting.

8/27 12pm
Workshop #1: What is a Rule and Why it Matters

Mod A (A-Z) & Mod C (AR-Z) only Rules are the fundamental foundation for nearly everything you will do in law school (and in law practice!) Rules affect...

8/29 9am
SBA Meeting

SBA weekly meeting.

9/3 12pm
Workshop #2: Creating Course Outlines Early and Often

Mod A (A-Z) &Mod C (R-Z) only Cramming doesn’t cut it on law school exams. The two most common (and understandable) errors made by novice law students are...

9/5 9am
Students for Sensible Drug Policy Meeting

The first meeting of the semester for all students interested in the law school chapter of Students For Sensible Drug Policy. If you plan to attend, please...

9/5 12pm

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SBA Meeting


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