Education Building (EDU)

UCI Law occupies the first floor of the Education Building. This floor houses the UCI Law Dean Suite and Administrative Offices including Student Services, Communications, IT, Finance, Devel9opment, and Human Resources. It also includes 

401 East Peltason Drive Irvine, CA 92697-8000

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Upcoming Events

LL.M. Student Workshop: Academic Performance and Integrity

A review of essential skills and best practices for academic success.

9/12 12pm
LL.M. Student Workshop: Developing Your Resume

An introduction to the content, format, and style expected on application materials for the U.S. legal job market.

9/19 12pm
LL.M. Student Workshop: Outlining for Exams

An overview of exam types, outlines, and study strategies.

9/26 12pm
Alumni Panel 2021

Several members of our wonderful LL.M. alumni community will join us for an informal, engaging conversation, to share thoughts on academic success, career...

10/28 12pm
LL.M. Student Workshop: Best Practices for Exams

A review of protocols, practices, and strategies for final exams.

11/28 12pm

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Education Building (EDU)

Education Building (EDU) posted a photo 7/25/2018

Education Building (EDU)

Education Building (EDU) posted a photo 6/15/2018