Education Building (EDU)

UCI Law occupies the first floor of the Education Building. This floor houses the UCI Law Dean Suite and Administrative Offices including Student Services, Communications, IT, Finance, Devel9opment, and Human Resources. It also includes 

401 East Peltason Drive Irvine, CA 92697-8000

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Guest Speaker Series: Judge Karen A. Gauff

Karen Ackerson Gauff, a Los Angeles County Superior Judge, has been a pioneer in launching a new type of problem-solving court. The goal of the Community...

8/27 12pm
Workshop #1: What is a Rule and Why it Matters

Mod B (A-Z) & Mod C (A-Q) only Rules are the fundamental foundation for nearly everything you will do in law school (and in law practice!) Rules affect...

8/27 3:45pm
Student Town Hall with the Dean

Please join us on August 28th for a Town Hall with Dean Song Richardson. There is no set agenda; your questions form the basis of the discussion. This town...

8/28 12pm
Workshop #2: Creating Course Outlines Early and Often

Mod B (A-Z) &Mod C (A-Q) only Cramming doesn’t cut it on law school exams. The two most common (and understandable) errors made by novice law students are...

9/3 3:45pm
Guest Speaker Series: Monika Langarica

Monika Langarica, Immigrants Rights attorney for the ACLU of San Diego and Imperial Counties, will be speaking at the next installment of the Guest Speaker...

9/4 12pm

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Education Building (EDU)

Education Building (EDU) posted a photo 7/25/2018

Education Building (EDU)

Education Building (EDU) posted a photo 6/15/2018