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Student organizations are a vital part of student life at UCI Law. There are a variety of student organizations that actively produce activities and events for the campus community. The Law School is committed to freedom of expression and protection of the right of all members of the faculty, staff, and students to express ideas and views. Accordingly, it is the policy of the Law School that all activities organized by student organizations, events held by students at the law school, or events for students paid by school funds shall be open to all law students.

Upcoming Events

MHLS: Results of the Spring 2019 Student Wellness Survey

Periodically, the Mental Health in Law Society anonymously surveys students to find out their answers to important questions like these: "Do you feel like...

9/20 12pm
Fundraising PILF meeting

Mandatory meeting for all members of PILF on the fundraising committee! Meet the 1L chairs and be introduced to the events upcoming this year.

9/23 12pm
CLSA First General Meeting

This is the first general meeting for the Christian Law Student Association. At this meeting we will be discussing what this group is about and what the...

9/24 12pm
SBA Meeting

SBA weekly meeting.

9/24 12pm
American Constitution Society Kick Off Meeting!

The most highly anticipated, always emulated, never replicated, incredible, over the top, can't-miss-event of the semester is finally here: The first general...

9/25 12pm

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