Center for Biotechnology & Global Health Policy

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The Center for Biotechnology and Global Health Policy (CBGHP) serves as a reference point for research, policy development and advocacy concerning science, biotechnology, bioethics and healthcare in the United States and abroad. The CBGHP engages multiple stakeholder communities: scholars, policy makers, civil society, healthcare providers, the judiciary and the general public, highlighting the collaborative role and function of law in responding to state, federal and international healthcare concerns.

Mission: To educate the public and serve as a catalyst for the advancement of society through research, educational outreach and advocacy.

Upcoming Events

Simon Tam & Michele Goodwin in Conversation

Join Simon Tam and Michele Goodwin in conversation about the First Amendment, race, intellectual property, and taking on the government. Simon Tam is an...

10/18 12pm
Intimate Lies and the Law - Book Talk with Jill Hasday & Michele Goodwin

Join Michele Goodwin and Jill Elaine Hasday for a provocative book talk on intimate lies, where Professor Hasday systematically examines deception in sexual,...

10/21 2pm

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