Tuesday, February 11

MESALSA at UCI LAW's Food Fundraiser

Come get some amazing Middle Eastern and South Asian foods at MESALSA's annual fundraiser! We will be in the courtyard from 11-1 selling samosas, manaeesh (a...

2L Spring Semester Town Hall

Hello Class of 2021! We invite you to attend our Spring Semester Town Hall on February 11th. We want to hear your feedback, collect your questions and...

Candygrams for OutLaw

OutLaw will be selling candygrams throughout the week in the courtyard through February 13th.

LL.M. Townhall

Please come to our Spring semester Townhall for ALL LL.M. students, general and Tax. This is a meeting for our class to discuss any news, concerns about the...

PILF Programming Committee Meeting

This meeting will include an overview of opportunities for the spring semester and debrief on the Fall 5K.

Tuesday, February 11